Ein "bewegtes" Thema

Hier werden Informationen zum Thema "Video" stehen und speziell zum Thema "3D" und die Erstellung von 3D-Blurays aus Aufnahmen mit der Sony HDR-TD10E.

Hier Bilder aus einem 3D-Videofilm vom 824. Hamburger Hafengeburtstag


If you are interested on a video from 4th International Streetart Festival in Wilhelmshaven 2014 you can write a mail with your address to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.


The 63 minutes video contains following chapters:

1. Valois Place Thursday
2. Meeting Friday
3. Street Painting Saturday
4. Hand Painting
5. Holi Festival
6. Street Painting Sunday
7. Other Activities
8. Body Painting
9. Results 3D Artists
10. Copyists, free Artists
11. Winner
12. Honor

The costs are 7.50 € (DVD), 10.00 € (Bluray) and 12.50 € (DVD + Bluray) including DVD cover like the picture and shipping.
The DVD is for a normal player and tv. The Bluray is only for 3D Bluray player and 3D tv in Full HD using Side-by-Side.
After donation of minimum 7.50, 10.00 or 12.50 Euro you will be sent the video to your address.